You wouldn’t believe that this Turko-German duo is a duo. No bass, just one guitar, one set of drums and an excellent, pained voice. It’s a sort of death-n-roll meets black metal punk with some doom sprinkled on top. From Hamburg, Germany. Listen to and buy their albums on Bandcamp:




Contact make a dreamlike, floating sort of electronic music with 70s progressive rock and soul elements. They mix synths and real instruments like drums or electric guitars. There is a bit of 80s horror/sci-fi movie soundtrack atmosphere as well.

ناس الغيوان

A few decades ago this author visited Morocco and came back with two tapes of a band that should become one of his favored ever since: Nass El Ghiwane (linking the french page – it contains the most info).

Established in 1970 and playing in ever changing formations they still seem to be going strong.