Slowish doomish sounds with distorted bass, sorrowful singing and wonderfully repetitious melodies:

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Hamferð – Támsins likam

Sorrowful, deep, slow, sometimes choral, sometimes solo. Guttural or wailing. Faroese doom-black metal band Hamferð combine all the elements I like best about bands like Sólstafir with both more of a classic black metal approach and at the same time a less noisy, laconic quietness.

Yung Hurn

Upon hearing an extraordinary song, I’d listen in on the artist. Usually it’s a one off and other songs vary on how much I like them. Not so Yung Hurn – I’m under the impression that nearly each and every song by him is in itself very enjoyable and special. Despite his songs being exclusively about taking drugs and sex he still seems to be in good shape. May he be able to maintain balance, creativity, energy.

OK KID – Kaffee Warm Trilogie Live

The youtube clip is claimed to be a live recording. The video though is clearly cut from multiple concerts. Has the sound part really been recorded in one piece and live in front of the public? If it has, then it’s even more impressing – the dramaturgy of the song is quite complex, but even so, the band is playing it with the precision of an atomic clock. Their drummer – Raffael Kühle – certainly figures among the best drummers I know of. The stuff he’s doing is unexpected, unheard of (at least to me), his drumming is not ticking streadily in the background, but it’s popping in and out, ever changing.

Gerard – Azurblau, Nichts

First heard on FM4, which after >20y online is still playing music that you won’t hear anywhere else. FM4 is playing a lot of austrian musician. I’m ever surprised by the  quality of the music of a music scene coming out of such a “small” country…

Now Gerard has been making music for a while, the style of his songs remains similar. However I feel the song “Azurblau” is a culmination of his style: very polished, synthetic sounds, in layers, nicely distributed around the audible spectrum, fat beats and his cool voice:

Also “Nichts” whose very frank and blunt lyrics give me the shivers: