Ihsahn – Das Seelenbrechen

Ihsahn’s most experimental album is confusing. Is it some form of semi-electronic jazz? Black metal? Ambient drone with men’s choirs? A musical poem or maybe, gasp, pop music? Probably all of those.

For a very easy introduction, I recommend track 5, Pulse. The album can be bought on Bandcamp.



I’m not quite sure where to put the band, the sound has elements of 90s melodic death metal, but also some death’n’roll and progressive. Some of the songs have a longish buildup that reminds me almost of Altar of Plagues, then there are bits that seem almost like Swallow the Sun. Anyway, it’s probably safe to say it’s metal!

If you like their stuff, don’t forget you can buy it on Bandcamp. Thanks, s33k3r, for the hint.