A fantastic doom/sludge band with trance-inducing song structures:



It seems everyone already knows this phenomenon, but I didn’t. So there. I can be late to jump on some bandwagon too.

Shpongle make psychedelic trance, which combines elements of world music, trance and ambient. Some little birdie tells me that Shpongle were the founders of the psybient genre.

But the coolest thing is that they replace many of the synths with real instrucments when on tour! Here’s their London show. Observe real singers, flutes, a cello and a violin, massive use of drums, several guitars, three hangs, a bass and of course a bunch of synths, as well as dancers on stilts and in costumes:

Thanks El V. for this tip!


In Dool’s songs, many layered guitars and repetitions often create a semi-psychedelic, trance-like feeling of mental travel and dreaming. It’s a bit 70s, but it’s also a bit timeless and hard to really pin down. The debut album is called “Now here, there then”, and this is a good example for what I mean:

The entire album is playable for free on YouTube, but please also buy it if you like it. There are physical and digital versions.