Wassermanns Fiebertraum

A largely unknown German-Austrian band that does a very atmospheric, dreamy sort of light instrumental rock.

Check out their Bandcamp page.



In Dool’s songs, many layered guitars and repetitions often create a semi-psychedelic, trance-like feeling of mental travel and dreaming. It’s a bit 70s, but it’s also a bit timeless and hard to really pin down. The debut album is called “Now here, there then”, and this is a good example for what I mean:

The entire album is playable for free on YouTube, but please also buy it if you like it. There are physical and digital versions.


With their very melodic Antipope-rock, Gregorian Rock’n’Roll, their tours are continually sold out and they do a fun sort of marketing. Rumored to be a sort of all-star band, but since all the artists are Nameless Ghouls and the singer is just Papa Emeritus (I – III), it’s hard to know for sure.

In the US they are called Ghost B.C. for trademark reasons. And I think they’re even more popular there than in Europe.

Live in NYC (Papa Emeritus III seems to not hit many notes in the beginning, it does get a bit better later):

Free stream of entire album Meliora:

Live at The Late Show:

Read more for marketing clips and the like:

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