Carpenter Brut

A master of 80s-style synth and horror film score-type music. Makes you feel young again. If that’s the decade you grew up in, that is.


Powell, Aisha Devi, …

There’s an article in the NZZ, containing long stretches of “this Swiss guy is cool, because he knows this other guy that is also cool and also Swiss”, which is a bit dubious, at least to me, but it never the less shines historical light on some people in Switzerland making music that actually is interesting.

Throat Dub” by Aisha Devi consisting of mixed loops of overtone singing and “Sylvester Stallone” by Powell, kind of a deft raw dance techno among others.



I’m not quite sure where to put the band, the sound has elements of 90s melodic death metal, but also some death’n’roll and progressive. Some of the songs have a longish buildup that reminds me almost of Altar of Plagues, then there are bits that seem almost like Swallow the Sun. Anyway, it’s probably safe to say it’s metal!

If you like their stuff, don’t forget you can buy it on Bandcamp. Thanks, s33k3r, for the hint.

Irving Force

Very 80s, very Last Ninja. You’re a cop. You’re on a stakeout. Night driving. Mirror sunglasses. Rain-slick pitch black streets. Paper cups full of coffee. Soft chatter on the police radio, but you don’t notice. A night of surveillance. Your replacement gets here. Cruise along the beach driveway into the sunrise. Yeah.

More by Irving Force available from Bandcamp.