Tengger Cavalry

Mongolian folk metal. Can be purchased directly from their Bandcamp page.



With their very melodic Antipope-rock, Gregorian Rock’n’Roll, their tours are continually sold out and they do a fun sort of marketing. Rumored to be a sort of all-star band, but since all the artists are Nameless Ghouls and the singer is just Papa Emeritus (I – III), it’s hard to know for sure.

In the US they are called Ghost B.C. for trademark reasons. And I think they’re even more popular there than in Europe.

Live in NYC (Papa Emeritus III seems to not hit many notes in the beginning, it does get a bit better later):

Free stream of entire album Meliora:

Live at The Late Show:

Read more for marketing clips and the like:

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Hamlet Gonashvili – Orovela

While there was a short “gregorian chant” hype in “the west”, Georgians were singing in their style for a long time.

(I came over this song while listening to “Musik für einen Gast: Henry Hohmann, Transaktivist” on Radio SRF 2)

This is a beautiful song about plowing. Hamlet Gonashvili performed many more wonderful songs of that kind and there’s lots more by other Georgian artists. But Georgian “tradition” is not limited to this kind of music. There are other, different beautiful styles. And to the east of Georgia (საქართველო) there’s Azerbaijan (Azərbaycan) with its own unique music. Maybe I dig some out and post it here as well.